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Torre Del Oro
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Torre Del Oro

Basic Info

Name: Torre Del Oro
Location: Sevilla
Country: Spain

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Visitor Accounts

S.E. Sweeney, 35, from Texas Usa, wrote:
The Torre de Oro, in fact houses a naval museum. Once upon a time it was covered in gold tiles. Hence the name. There is a large Alcazar in Sevilla of Moorish design that allegedly is an architectural rival for Alhambra. I say allegedly because it was closed on Mondays… so, alas, I have no photos. But the cathedral (in the background of the photo above)is extraordinary and makes up for the castle being closed if your timing is as splendid as mine.
Miguel, wrote:
La Torre del Oro (Golden tower) is not a castle. It is just a tower. Right now it is a Museum. I recommend anyone going to Seville to visit this famous tower. But it does not belong in the category of “castles”.

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