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Name: Valencia de Don Juan
Location: Leon
Country: Spain

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Old Arab mud walls served for the foundation of this fifteenth-century castle in the middle of one of the lordships of the Acuna.
The river Esla protected one of its sides. Four triple towers survive along the southwest walls of the extensive enclosure. The south tower is the principal one, taller than the others, and capped by six thin turrets that protrude from the wall. On the town side there is a ditch defended by a low outer enclosure with thick square towers. The entire work is built of stone.

In the twelfth century the fortress was one of the strongest in Leon. It was once known as Coyanza until Alfonso VIII gave it the name Valencia. The surname of Don Juan comes from the lordship that the son of Alfonso X held there in the late seventeenth century.
Its present state is one of advanced ruin, despite a number of restorations. The river itself has undermined parts of the walls and has changed from a defensive agent to one of destruction.

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