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Drottningholm Castle
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Drottningholm Castle

Basic Info

Name: Drottningholm
Location: outside Stockholm.
Country: Sweden

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The first castle of Drottningholm was built during late 16'th century, by
King Johan III to his queen Katarina. The castle is built on an island in the stream, that's where the name come from: Drottning=queen holm(e)=(small)island. The first castle burned down completely the 30'th December 1661. After the devastating fire the Swedish architect Nicodemus Tessin, got the mission to build a new castle for the queen.
The Castle was needed as a residence for the queen at a comfortable distance from the capital. During the ages ever after the castle remained a “queens” castle for many queens until 1777 when the Swedish government bought it as a residence for king Gustav III. The castle has a French garden, built in the 17'th century. And an English park built around 1770.
Since 1981, Drottningholm is the residence of the Swedish royal family.

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