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Skolklosters Castle
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Skolklosters Castle

Basic Info

Name: Skoklosters Castle
Location: few miles outside Uppsala in the county of Uppland.
Country: Sweden

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The castle was built between 1654-77. It is one of the most beautiful castles from the Swedish super power era. During this time the following countries “were” Sweden: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Almost all of Germany, big parts of Poland, Estonia, Litavia and western Russia. Another funny detail is that Sweden is the only country to have been in possession of Moscow, but only for two days. Anyway, the Skoklosters Castle is open to the public.

The location is just few miles outside Uppsala, which happens to be one of the oldest cities of Sweden and was formerly called “Östra Aros”.

Visitor Accounts

The Countess Axelstierna, from Sweden wrote:
Skokloster was built by Count Wrangle, a Swedish nobleman whose family was of Latvian or Estonian origin, and is probably modeled on a castle the Count saw in Germany, as there are no other examples of this style of castle in Sweden. Count Wrangle did not spend much time at Skokloster, and had other castles built in Sweden for himself. There is a magnificent King's Hall, so named because it contains very large portraits of Swedish Kings. The King's Hall also has a magnificent ceiling with a dragon chandelier that is actually coming out of the ceiling! Too beautiful to describe. The top floor contains an unfinished ballroom, as well as the Count's extensive tool collection. The unfinished ballroom gives the visitor an excellent firsthand look at the construction methods of the 17th century. The castle is called the “sugarcube” by airplane pilots, because it looks like a giant white square from the air, and airplane pilots use Skokloster as a landmark to guide them as they fly into Sweden.

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