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Vadstena Castle
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Vadstena Castle

Basic Info

Name: Vadstena castle
Location: Vadstena,Östergötland, near the lake “Vättern”.
Country: Sweden

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Vadstena Castle was built around 1545 as a fortification. In 1555 however, the plans were changed by king Johan III who wanted a castle. King Gustav Vasa (by many considered to be the first “real king” of Sweden) celebrated his third wedding in Vadstena castle. Unfortunately after the royalties ended living in Vadstena around 1716, the castle was left to decay. Until the 20'th century when people started to regain interest in it, the castle have been used as grain warehouse. During this time the beautiful ceilings were torn down. If you go to Vadstena, be sure to visit the monastery here, the only one left active in Sweden.

The monastery was founded by Sweden's only saint: The holy Birgitta who also draw the beautiful church. The holy Birgitta is also buried in this church.

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