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Ivano Castle
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Ivano Castle

Basic Info

Name: Ivano-Frankivsk or Pniv
Location:Ukrainian Carpathians
Country: Western Ukraine

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These ruins you can see in Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the Ukrainian Carpathians (yes , the same famous Dracula mountains).The castle was laid on the high hill near the Bystrytsa river. It is pentagonal with 4 towers in the corners (the towers are round )and has triangular projection on the east side with 2 rows of arrow-slits. It was build in 15th-16th cc, lost its functions in the beginning of the 19th c. The castle was considered to be one of the strongest fortresses in Western Ukraine.

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap.

Visitor Accounts

Ira, 25, from Ukraine, wrote:
Dear Lucy, I'm so glad to see all my messages on your site! But I'm NOT Sergey Gnap- he is my bellowed hubby, and his mail-box is much more better than mine. The castle that is under the name “Ivano” is called Pniv.

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