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Iziaslav Castle
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Iziaslav Castle

Basic Info

Name: Iziaslav
Location: North of Khmelnytsky region
Country: Western Ukraine

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This remnants of the strong and famous fortress are located in the town of Iziaslav (the North of Khmelnytsky region, Western Ukraine).It used to be the fief of mighty Sangushky magnet family. The castle was build in 16th century. The ruins consist of a 2-storey “skarbnytsa”(Treasury )and the fundaments or basement )and a cellar. The interesting vault are preserved in the treasury. There are lucarns in the cellars. The ruins are not used by anyone, and only in historic annals we can read about one of the richest collection of ancient books and art-works that was in this castle earlier. Where are the marble columns and floor, where the tapestries and paintings-there is no answer and , may be , there will not be ever.

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap.

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