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Name: Kamianets-Podilsky
Location: Khmelnytsky region
Country: Western Ukraine

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You can't imagine Kamianets-Podilsky, an ancient and beautiful town in Khmelnytsky region(West Ukraine) without the famous Old Castle, a unique fortified structure of the 11th-18th c. The Castle was laid out on a rocky cape near the narrow isthmus, which was crossed by the main road to the Old City. Stone fortifications of the 11th c which replaced the even older ones didn't resemble the present-day stronghold of 11 towers united by high walls. Remnants of Old Rus fortification were found in different sections of the castle. In the late 14th-mid.15th c Spytko Melsztynski, a Kracow voivoda ventured an attempt to reconstruct the castle. In the mid-15th c it was rebuild: the old towers were refurbished and 10 new ones were laid out, 2 of which have not survived. In the mid-16th c another rebuilding was attempted by Iov Pretfes, a military engineer and architect who constructed the New Western and New Eastern towers over the old well( it still exists today) and the Polna Gate with a bridge whose remnants have been recently unearthed by restorers. At the beginning of the 17th c with the advent of long-distance artillery, Theofil Schomberg, a military specialist, built the stone and earth bastion fortifications on the west facade which were given the name of the New Fortress.In1672 the castle was conquered by Turkish troops led by Mohammed the fourth .However, this defeat resulted from the peculiarities in the historical development of Rzecz Pospolita. Inthe 18th-19thcc 2 bastions were added from the north and the south while the barracks were built in the inner yard (today you can find a museum in them). In spite of the considerable alterations to the Castle complex, it can still be appreciated as a single architectural whole. In 1711 Peter the Great visited the castle and was very impressed by its fortifications. All visitors come to the castle through the Turkish brige and there is a theory that it was built by Roman legionnaires during the emperor Traian reign. The town of Kamianets-Podilsky has more than 100 architectural buildings including churches, palaces ,towers and other sightseeings.

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap.

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