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Mukachevo Castle
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Mukachevo Castle

Basic Info

Name: Mukachevo Castle
Location: Mukachevo
Country: Ukraine

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MUKACHEVO CASTLE: The stronghold was a residence of mighty Koriatovych family for almost 200 years During the reign of prince Felix Koriatovych the fortress became one of the most impregnable in the whole country. The prince and his family lived in the highest part of the castle, there were really very rich interiors there. The stronghold has a good armoury: 164 cannons of different sizes and 60 barrels of gun-powder. The castle was surrounded by deep ditch. The inner bank of the ditch was surrounded by the high wooden fence (or wall )(in Ukrainian this sort of fence is called “palanok”, that's why this castle is known as Palanok castle. The area of this fortress is 14000 sq. m. the castle consists of 130 different premises with a complicated system of underground passages between them. The castle was the centre of the rebel lead by Ferenc Rakoshy. Since 1789 the castle was used as a prison In 1926 the stronghold became a barracks, later there was an agricultural college in it. Now it's a museum.
Photos and information provided by: Sergey Gnap


Castle Tower

Photos provided by: David Walters

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