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Pidgirtsy Castle
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Pidgirtsy Castle

Basic Info

Name: Pidgirtsy
Location: Lviv region
Country: Ukraine

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Now it's time for a gem of Lviv region-a castle in a village of Pidgirtsy, (3 km away from another beautiful castle, in a town of Olesko) The castle stands in the centre of the village and tourists can see it from the highway Kyiv-Lviv. The building is one of not very numerous examples of the late Renaissance in Ukraine. The project of the castle was created by French engineer Gijome de Boplan, the construction was made in 1635-1640 .The complex consists of the main building and 2 side pavilions. . A deep moat surrounds the castle from its 3 sides and there are high wall around the castle. The main entrance leads through the entrance gate made out of stone and decorated with columns. An inn and a “corchma” (a kind of a restaurant in the Middle Ages) for numerous guests and their servants were built near the stronghold-and these buildings survived all wars and Soviet period. Later the hetman kept his horses there.-in the houses decorated with columns , mansards and Baroque carving! In the second part of the 17th-first half of the 18th cc. Pidgirtsy was a fief of Koniecpolsky and Sobiesky families. The king of Poland Jan lll Sobiesky often lived in the castle,l iked to hunt in this area .In 1720 the castle was bought by Rzewusky magnat family. The balls went on for weeks -with fireworks, cannons shooting and military parades . Waclaw Rzewusky was a collector of antiques and the castle was home of a huge collection of ancient furniture, paintings, arms and books. Famous sculptors, artists and decorators took part in decoration of the castle's interiors. A big part of their work are today on display in Olssko castle. After the WWll there was a sanatorium in the castle, now it's a museum. The building was restored in 1956.

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap

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