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Polanok Castle
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Polanok Castle

Basic Info

Name: Palanok
Location: Mukachevo ( Zakarpatska region, not far from Hungaty) Carpathian
Country: Western Ukraine

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Another great castle in the Carpathian ! The“Palanok” fortress stands on the high mountain in the town of Mukachevo ( Zakarpatska region, not far from Hungaty) .In the beginning of its history it was a small fortress, created to protect the western borders of Kyiv Rus (the 9th-11th cc.). In 14th c. the prince of Podilla Koriatovych rebuild the castle. In his time it was a big donjon and a deep well ( 85 m. ) dug in the rock There was a high wall with 4 towers near the donjon A number of destroys and reconstructions during the 16th-18th cc .“helped” many new buildings to appear. 3 groups ( or up-yards). Every yard of the castle is an independent system of fortifications which consist of the walls and the bastions, deep (up to 10 m. ) ditches and earth walls ( up to 10 m. high and 8 to.13 m wide). There were some bridges across the ditches to unify all 3 yards of the castle. In 14th-16th cc the role of the towers was very important but with the course of time and the development of artillery they were rebuilt and destroyed.
Since 1972 the restoration of the castle has been lasting. There is the museum on the territory of “Palanok”. And old people say sometimes the castle is haunted… Who knows…

The above information and pictures were provided by Sergey Gnap.

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