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Castillo de San Marcos
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Castillo de San Marcos

Basic Info

Name: Castillo De San Marcos
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Country: USA

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Visitor Accounts

Trevor, 12, from Michigan wrote:
The construction of the Castillo De San Marcos (Castle of St. Mark) Was begun in 1672, and completed in 1695. This is one of the trus castles of the world! It has stood the test of time, through hurricanes and wars, it still stands. Fcts:
-It is the first permanent European settlement in the US
-It has NEVER been taken by force by a foreign army
-The structure is made almost entirely of Coquina - A very soft shell/sandstone type material
-It was nearly impervious to cannon fire because of the nature of the Coquina - it absorbed the shock of a cannon hit instead of shattering
-It was designed to protect the city, and provide a haven for seagoing Spanish treasure ships
If you have never been to see the Castillo, or the historic city of St. Augustine - I would go!! It is fascinating!!!

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