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Havencrest Castle
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Havencrest Castle

Basic Info

Name: Havencrest Castle
Location: Savanna, Illinois
Country: USA


Built in 1899, this Victorian castle has 63 rooms and commands magnificent views in 360 degrees due to being situated high on a hill. Located in Upper lllinois in a small town overlooking the Mississippi River, the interiors are both luxurious and intimate with exquisite detail, rather like a palace on a domestic scale. Join us as we share with you a sneak peek of our video tour and explore the highlights of Havencrest…

The entrance hall can hold up to 90 guests who will anxiously await your entrance as you descend the Grand Stiarcase…

A stunning room that would be an elegant backfrop to any occasion. This chamber features a cherub-littered fireplace and blazes with gold leaf and original carvings. From the ceiling-sized oil painting of cherubs to the six magnificent flower-filled torchiere jardinaires, this is a tribute to the opulence of the 18th century…

Sometimes called “the room of ten thousand dreams,” this room features walls covered in pearl-studded silk and a ceiling made of carved teak panels copied from the Summer Palace of the last Empress of China. The room also opens onto a study and Chinese garden with waterfall and temple…

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