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Hearst Castle
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Hearst Castle

Basic Info

Name: Hearst Castle
Location: San Simeon, California
Country: USA

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Visitor Accounts

Kristina Fladager, 18, from Canada, wrote,
Hearst castle was magnificent! It provided beauty and elegance along with a wonderful story. This castle is a must see! The gardens will wow you and the architecture will blow you away. To the roman pool and the guest homes, it's worth a stop!
Jerry Morris, 40, from West Coast, wrote:
I've been here several times and there is always something new to see. Every time we have visitors from out of town, we always take them to see Hearst Castle. This was built by millionaire William Randolph Hearst. What sets this Castle apart are the enormous amount of art that W.R. Hearst Collected from all over the world! If you love art, this is the place to see…even if you don't care to see the castle. I highly suggest you see this place…you'll be amazed!
Annette, 36, from California, wrote:
Did you know there are 3 guest houses; all of which have between 18-20 rooms- and the “main” house; or castle, if you will; consists of 77,000 square feet
Amanda, 14, from Washington, wrote:
I toured this castle and it was wonderful!! All the architect. I loved the inside pool with all the gold and everything!! My favorite is the kitchen with all the ovens and the Pink room was great!! I could go on forever but I can't so bye
Jenna Boggs, 16, from US West, wrote:
Hearst Castle was a beautiful and exciting castle to visit. The outdoor and the indoor pools were excellent and the rooms in the castle were beautifully crafted. There were many intriguing statues and murals placed throughout the castle. When I went I did not have enough time to tour the whole castle, so if you go make sure you have plenty of time. I plan on going back some day and seeing the rest of the castle. You can't use the flash on your camera, so make sure yours can work well without one
Jesse Magoon, 20, from Central California, wrote:
Just a beautiful mansion/castle, right on the pacific in beautiful central california and lots to learn about the most famous news publisher William Randolph Hearst.

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