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Basic Info

Name: Loveland Castle
Location: Loveland, Ohio
Country: USA

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Visitor Accounts

Ted, 24, from Cincinnati, wrote:
A magnificent little castle in the woods and just yards from a riverbank. I use the word “little” very loosely because this castle is enormous compared to a typical two-story house. A 1/5 scale replica of Chateau La Roche (built in France in the 10th century) it was built by only one man. He started it in 1929 and didn't finish until 1955. It's even available for weddings
Bob, 45, from Midwest USA, wrote:
This is one of the premier castles of the United States. It may not compare with many from Europe, but for America it is pretty nice.
Lawrence Sheline, III, 22, from Mideast USA, wrote:
This castle is a beautiful spectacle of a life long ambition of one man's hobby turned tourist attraction. The Loveland castle's real name is Chateau LaRoche.
Chateau LaRoche means castle of the rocks. To build the castle he mixed rocks and cement together that made a special kind of brick. The castle is 96ft. by 65ft. The castle has four main rooms. In 1987 more than 4,000 people came to the Haunted House that was there. It sits right by the Little Miami River. It's a pretty view and there are picnic tables that you can eat at. Harry Andrews, formerly a teacher and a writer, built it for the children that he taught in his Sunday school class. Mr Andrews spent some time in France first during World War I, and later to attend college. The castle was authentically designed as a full-scale replica of a medieval Normanesque castle, Château LaRoche, while the ballroom was designed one-fifth scale. Mr Andrews began building the castle in the spring of 1929, on the North bank shore of Little Miami River, in the city of Loveland, Ohio. The construction stones were provided from the river rock. The castle became his life's work, and over the next half a century, he built a 17-room castle. The architecture of the castle includes a great hall, a banquet hall, an armory, a master bedroom, a chapel, a small work office, a dungeon, and beautiful gardens with exceptional plants and flowers. Nowadays, the Knights Of the Golden Trail (KOGT) carry on Harry D. Andrews' dream and legacy for over half a century. This volunteers organization dedicatedly maintain Loveland Castle. Today, Loveland Castle, Château Laroche, is a Historic Landmark and Museum in Loveland, Ohio. The symbolic admission fee is meant to fund the completion of the last floor of “L” wing's tower and the general maintenance of this Historic Landmark. A portrait of Harold Andrews now hang's in one of the biggest rooms of the castle, to be remembered always!

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