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Sleeping Beauty
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Sleeping Beauty

Basic Info

Name: Sleeping Beauty
Location: Dineyland, California
Country: USA

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Visitor Accounts

Belle , from Pennsylvania, wrote:
I just thought I'd let you know that the picture you have posted of the “Cinderella Castle” in Orlando is actually a picture of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disney Land in California. The castle at Disney World is much taller and slightly more complex. I visited Disney World over Christmas last year and I thought the castle was beautiful, especially when it's lit up at night, and the fireworks show over the castle is especially breathtaking. I suggest you go see it too, along with the other Disney attractions. The Disney Millennium Celebration is a very memorable experience, and time's running out so you'd better hurry! Maybe you could get an photo of the real Cinderella Castle :
C. Meader, 35 from Southeast wrote:
To Pam - I too visited the Cinderella castle as a child, many times in fact. Your parents should have investigated a bit more. You can ascend part of the castle. There is a wonderful restaurant upstairs with heraldry, stained glass and wooden beams, etc. There is a circular stone staircase leading to it as well as an elevator. It would have been nice to go through the whole castle, but as a child I thought the restaurant was very cool and not at all disappointing. The upper level of the castle is actually an apartment for Walt Disney that he never got to use, since he left us before completion.
Pam Fassett, 29, from Pacific Northwest USA, wrote
Review: I visited Disney World when I was a child. I remember being very disappointed by Cinderella castle because you do not get to explore inside the castle at all. There is simply an outside walkway that brings you from the front of the castle to the back of the castle. That's it.

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