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Stronghold castle
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Stronghold castle

Basic Info

Name: Stronghold
Location: Byron, IL
Country: USA

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Visitor Accounts

Stephanie, 16, from Chicago, wrote:
Stronghold was the coolest castle I have been too. I went and saw a few castles is England but they are all tourist places and things are roped !off and you cant explore. Stronghold was built in the 1920's but it was designed after a old English style castle. when you walk through the halls it feels as if it is ancient. I stayed there for 3 days on a confirmation retreat and it felt like I went back in time and it was all a dream. Visit it if you get a chance.
Suellen Anderson, 35, Rockford, IL, wrote:
Sorry, when I told you about the castle I failed to provide the link to their site. Here it is.
Thanks again for a wonderful site.
Suellen Anderson, wrote:
I really love playing around your site. I have a castle for you to add to your list. The castle is called Stronghold and is near Byron, IL. A little info taken from their site… “Built as a family retreat in 1929 by the Walter Strong family of Chicago, Stronghold still stands today as a place where young and old alike come to: commune with God and nature, rest and rejuvenate, have fun and create memories. Stronghold also has many programs for youth and adults, including our annual “Olde English Faire” the first full weekend in October”. I have toured this castle and it has many wonderful characteristics including a chapel accessed only thru a hidden doorway behind a bookcase. It may not be big but Stronghold is a mighty castle for anyone who seeks it's charm.

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