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Basic Info

Name: Newport
Location: Gwent
Country: Wales

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A castle here is referred to as the `new castle on the Usk' by the chronicler of the Brut y Tywysogyon for the year 1172. What is left at Newport today, however, is part of a later castle consisting of a long curtain wall facing the Usk, with three towers, the curtain once having been part of a quadrangle. The centre tower is a square gate-tower with an arched entrance. The river came up to this gate giving access to the castle: in other words, we have a specially designed water-gate that allowed the river to come into the ground floor of the tower at high tide, making a pool in which boats could draw up alongside a quay at the rear of the tower. The arch to the gateway had two strong portcullises. There was a chapel in the top of the gateway. Presumably the portcullises lifted up into the chapel

Flanking this gateway on either side are two polygonal towers in the curtain, supported on spur bases. There was a hall in the range between the gateway and the north polygonal tower. There are remains of other parts, including some walling of the remainder of the quadrangle. Most of the building work is of the fifteenth century, much of it remodeling of the earlier stonework which was probably mid-thirteenth-century.

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